June 15, 2024

Troubled Internet Connection and Its Solution

Troubled Internet Connection and Its Solution

The Internet is an integral part of almost everyone’s life. It has seen many improvements over the years, and several technologies have combined to enable new possibilities. Still, even with all the great advancements and global availability, many issues persist and you must have also faced them. These problems are a nuisance and need immediate fixing in order to get things done.

The internet-related issues can be big and small and may happen for various reasons. However, rest assured, no problem comes without a solution, that is, if you know the problem and its source. Of course, most internet issues stem from a sloppy connection, and the best way to set it right is by upgrading your internet connection to something better like Optimum by Altice internet. Visit here to see their plans and packages. Still, it is okay if that’s not possible because we have listed other solutions for common internet connection problems.

Connect Another Device

First things first, check if the issue is on your device only or every device on the network. If the problem is from your end, then troubleshoot your device. If not, there might be a problem with the webpage you are trying to load. Next, open another website or link to see if it’s just a website issue. However, if that also doesn’t fix the problem, there could be a server or power outage, and you should contact your service provider for help.

Check Wi-Fi Settings

If you are using Wi-Fi, check if you are getting enough optimum-level signals that counteract lag or delay. If the signal strength is low, see if you are connected properly via your home Wi-Fi. If yes, then the issue is most likely at your service provider’s end. For correct and working settings, contact your internet service provider. They will guide you through the process.

Run Antivirus Software

Sometimes a virus or malware can disrupt your internet connection. Also, they can slow down browser searches and the overall system’s performance. So, if settings and cables are ok, try running an antivirus scan on your system. If it’s a bug attack, this will most likely resolve the issue for you.

Bypass DNS Settings

Domain Name System or also called DNS is a server by which your computer finds the IP address of web searches. Unfortunately, these servers can sometimes face their own set of issues. In order to bypass the DNS server, try typing in the IP address of a website in your browser. If it loads correctly, you need to switch or flush your DNS server.

See Internet Usage

If you are having trouble opening a website or the YouTube video is buffering, it is possible that your internet is running fine, but the device load is slowing it down. For this, you can open up your task manager and see network usage in the details section. Once there, you can see which app is using the most bandwidth. However, if everything is normal there, it is possible that there are several devices on your connection or someone is taking up all the bandwidth. Also, it is possible that someone not part of your household is stealing your Wi-Fi. There are several solutions to that problem, too, the most immediate one would be to change the Wi-Fi password.

Update Firmware

All your network hardware, including modem and router, is run by an embedded software called firmware. Mostly you get firmware updates from the vendor, or you can easily find them online based on your model number. Updating the firmware may improve performance, enable additional features, and unlock higher speeds. However, if you do not have enough knowledge, it is best to go into router settings and update the firmware from there. It will ensure, you are downloading and installing the correct version.

Upgrade Your Equipment

One more thing that you can try before this process is switching your connection bands, i.e., from 2.4GHz to 5Ghz. It can improve performance but may reduce range. If it resolves the issue, good; if not, it is time to upgrade your equipment. Now, if you currently have an old model router, it may not be as powerful as today’s devices and connections demand. So, getting a newer model or dual-band router may improve the performance and speed of your internet connection.

Upgrade Your Connection

If nothing seems to work and your usage is high, it is possible that your connection cannot hold the pressure. At this point, there is only one option left, upgrade your internet connection. For that, we recommend going for a trusted provider like Altice connection. Click here to get a better, faster, and more reliable internet connection for your home or office and become worry-free.

Final Words

Internet connectivity issues are troublesome but not unsolvable. Still, if nothing above seems to work, you should call your internet service provider and state your problem with them. There is also a possibility that the trouble is from their end.

But that is just a possibility, as some problems could easily be from the user’s end of a connection. So, keep your eyes open and your hands working. It is best to be careful than sorry.

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