July 12, 2024

Tips to Maintain Your Kid’s Teeth Strong And Healthy

Tips to Maintain Your Kid’s Teeth Strong And Healthy

Raising kids is a full-time and the most complex responsibility that is constantly worrying you. You are always concerned about their safety, health, education, and food. You are more concerned about their physical health while you ignore their dental/oral health. However, it is highly essential to keep a check on your kids’ oral health so that they can have strong teeth. Oral health is directly linked to overall body health. The infection in teeth can spread through the bloodstream to all parts of the body.

The primary teeth are significant as they are responsible for maintaining the spacing for permanent teeth. These primary teeth play a role in a child’s proper speaking and eating. The development of facial features depends mainly on accurate baby teeth. Baby teeth are also responsible for the proper breakdown and digestion of food.

When a kid loses permanent teeth, eating and chewing become difficult. It also results in jaw bone loss and bite changes. It is necessary to take care of a child’s teeth. To learn how to maintain strong and healthy teeth, keep reading.

1.    Bedtime Brushing  

Kids usually learn the habit of brushing from their family members. If bedtime brushing is a custom in a certain home, then kids will inherit this custom. Otherwise, nighttime brushing can be a battle for certain families. Their kids are also not used to brushing.

The lack of bedtime brushing can result in tooth decay, plaque development, and cavities. In case your child experiences tooth decay then consult cosmetic dentistry greenville sc without wasting any time to keep teeth healthy and strong.

2.    Flossing to Avoid Tooth Decay

Make your child habitual of flossing their teeth after bedtime brush. Brushing teeth at night is not enough to prevent bacteria from growing in the leftover food stuck between teeth. Sometimes, brushing teeth can not completely remove the food particles which results in cavities and decaying tooth enamel.

Kids usually need their parent’s help in flossing until they develop the skills to do it on their own properly. Consult pediatric dentist kodiak ak to assist you in teaching your child about how to floss.

3.    Visit Your Pediatric Dentist

Everyone needs to get their dental checkup done twice a year by professional dentists. Kids also need to consult pediatricians bi-annually. They can help remove cavities, plaque, and all other early problems that can lead to a bigger problem. They may also advise fluoride toothpaste and an extra layer of protection like sealant or fluoride treatments.

4.    Maintain A Healthy Diet

Other than dental hygiene, the other most significant factor in maintaining the oral health of kids is to provide them with a healthy diet. Foods such as yogurt, cheese, and leafy green vegetables which are rich in calcium source can help strengthen the teeth of your child by developing enamel.

Calcium-rich food helps with getting rid of cavities as these foods help create a sheet of protection in the form of a layer for teeth and act as a barrier to stop acid from attacking tooth enamel.

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