July 10, 2024

How To Unlock Building Mode in Tower of Fantasy

How To Unlock Building Mode in Tower of Fantasy

How To Unlock Building Mode in Tower of Fantasy

The 1.5 update to Tower of Fantasy brought with it a new map to discover. Kolador’s Invitation offers a homelike setting and lets strayers reach the Artificial Island, where they may get additional supplies. Kolador created the Artificial Island, a project that was meant to be shown to gamers sooner. That was halted, however, when Banges Tech was assaulted by the Heirs of Aida.

On the livable island, wanderers may construct and enhance structures, gather resources, and later on, the Tower of Fantasy trade them for different goods and Special Vouchers. In this article, we will explain how you can unlock building mode in Tower of Fantasy.

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How To Unlock Building Mode In Tower Of Fantasy

Either level 60 or 840 experience points on Artificial Island exploration are required for players to enter building mode in Tower of Fantasy. Once either condition is met, the player may enter building mode from the menu. But how you can do that? Let’s take a look:

How To Go To Artificial Island

In Tower of Fantasy, completing Kolador’s Invitation mission is the sole method to reach the Artificial Island. Players who accept Kolador’s invitation will fly on his aircraft to the Artificial Island after following him to the Banges Docks.

When they arrive, players are free to explore the island, open Supply Pods, work puzzles, and finish the Close Transmission System—golden spherical gateways that carry a number of random foes that have to be vanquished in a certain period of time. Wanderers may earn 840 experience points and access Tower of Fantasy’s Artificial Island construction mode.

What Is Building Mode

Within the Tower of Fantasy Building mode, players may construct and enhance a number of structures that produce various resources, including:

Machine PodsMetal Material
Pumpkin HouseFiber Material
Paw Paw HouseEnergy Material
Kitty HouseSupply Materials
Turtle HouseAccessory Materials

Players must initially create the Development Center in the middle and follow Kolador’s directions to get the resources needed to develop and improve the buildings. Then use a proper collection of weaponry in Tower of Fantasy to destroy Hyenas surrounding a neighboring university. Players that do it will get their first Resources to build the Turtle House. Remark that no building may be raised over the Development Center.

In Tower of Fantasy, there are various methods to get Resources, including fighting Weekly Bosses, gathering wild animals like boars, and wiping out enemy camps:

  • Devourer
  • Robarg
  • Apophis
  • Barbarossa

Travellers in Tower of Fantasy get two kinds of resources, Composite Materials and Quality Materials, when they fight Weekly Bosses on Artificial Island. Players can only get these two elements by defeating Weekly Bosses, which makes them crucial.

So, there you have it! If you follow the steps above, you should have your building mode unlocked in Tower of Fantasy. And since there are many circumstances where you must spend Tanium, you should top up Tower of Fantasy Tanium from U7buy since it’s really cheap and easy to use.

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